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Dear future culinarians, chefs, enthusiasts and friends,

If you are a future student looking to prepare yourself for the culinary industry, you will find our classically based, yet progressive curriculum will equip you for the intensity of the culinary industry. Our program is designed to not only teach you how to cook, but to prepare you for the business and culture of cooking.

For professionals we will offer a wide variety of hands-on professional development classes ranging from basic cooking skills to advanced techniques and international cuisines. You can even brush up on, or learn new skills in business management, wines and beverages, cheese, Serve-Safe certification, and much more from our skilled faculty and honorary faculty members.

For the culinary enthusiast we will offer a broad variety of hands-on skills. Basic cooking skills, world cuisines, family cooking classes, and fun lecture series with local chefs will all bring out your inner passion. For the more ardent enthusiast we offer weekend intensives to give you a taste of what our degree students might go through.

Whatever your passion is for food, know that The Culinary Arts Institute will bring out the best in you. We look forward to your visit to our new campus.