Faculty Directory

Social Science

O'Brien, Lynn lobrien@mc3.edu Anthropology Assistant Professor 215-641-1167
Criminal Justice
Andreyko, Andrew aandreyk@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Senior Lecturer
Baigis, Wendy wbaigis@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Senior Lecturer
Macdougal, Thomas tmacdoug@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Senior Lecturer
Proffitt-Osborne, Monica mosborne@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Instructor Central and West Campuses 215-619-7311
Sampson, Jayden jsampson@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Instructor 215-461-1148
Sands, Robert rsands@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Senior Lecturer
Schmitz, Stephen sschmitz@mc3.edu Criminal Justice Assistant Professor 215-641-6560
Lattanzi, Elizabeth elattanzi@mc3.edu Education Assistant Professor 215-641-6411
Levin, Debbie dlevin@mc3.edu Education Senior Lecturer 215-641-6333
McGinn-Holewinski, Mary mholewin@mc3.edu Education Senior Lecturer
Miller, Ann agmiller@mc3.edu Education Senior Lecturer
Rhoads, Susan srhoads@mc3.edu Education Senior Lecturer West Campus
Salamone, Robert rsalamon@mc3.edu Education Senior Lecturer
Sultanik, Meryl msultani@mc3.edu Education Associate Professor 215-641-6376
Fire Science
Drennen, Robert rdrennen@mc3.edu Fire Science Senior Lecturer
Moonblatt, Michael mmoonbla@mc3.edu Fire Science Senior Lecturer
Brew, Wayne wbrew@mc3.edu Geography Assistant Professor 215-641-6326
Conway, Moira mconway@mc3.edu Geography Senior Lecturer
Roush, Stacey sroush@mc3.edu Geography Senior Lecturer
Stevens, Anthony astevens@mc3.edu Geography Senior Lecturer
Wallace, Samuel swallace@mc3.edu Geography Associate Professor 610-718-1907
Adams, C. Jane jadams@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Backlund, Lawrence lbacklu@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer 215-641-6377
Bowie, Leland lbowie@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
D'Antonio, Lawrence ldantoni@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Desai, Sanket sdesai@mc3.edu History Instructor and Lecture Series Liaison 215-619-7368
Diaz, Patrice plaurent@mc3.edu History Associate Professor 215-641-6383
Eckhardt, Joseph jeckhard@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Giorgianni, Frank fgiorgia@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Hoult Shewring, Cathy choultsh@mc3.edu History Professor 215-641-6379
Kolsky, Thomas tkolsky@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer 215-641-6380
Lazar, Stanley slazar@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Napson-Williams, Theresa tnapsonw@mc3.edu History Associate Professor 215-461-1152
Norbert, Charles cnorbert@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Nypower, Donald dnypowe@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Parker, Michael mparker@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Parzynski, Catherine cparzyns@mc3.edu History Assistant Professor 215-641-6387
Powell, Douglas dcpowell@mc3.edu History Assistant Professor West Campus 610-718-1964
Prushankin, Jeffery jprushank@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Raskin, Anna araskin@mc3.edu History Associate Professor
Rivera, Yvonne yrivera@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Robertson, James jrobertson@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Rolph, Daniel drolph@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Rosso, David drosso@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer 215-641-6386
Russo, Giusi grusso@mc3.edu History Instructor 215-641-6378
Sandberg, Henry hsandber@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Schell, David dschell@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer West Campus
Stewart, Richard rstewart@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Youells, Warren wyouells@mc3.edu History Senior Lecturer
Human Service - Faculty
Ellis, Jennifer jellis@mc3.edu Human Services Senior Lecturer
Hoy, Lucie lhoy@mc3.edu Human Services Senior Lecturer
Rose, Maureen mrose@mc3.edu Human Services Assistant Professor 215-641-6413
Schreiber, Lori lschreib@mc3.edu Human Services Senior Lecturer
Smith, Ronald rrsmith@mc3.edu Human Services Senior Lecturer West Campus
Political Science
Empol-Schwartz, Jodi jempol@mc3.edu Political Science Assistant Professor 215-641-6636
Wimmer, Terry twimmer@mc3.edu Political Science Senior Lecturer West Campus
Baker, Valerie vbaker@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Bank, Cory cbank@mc3.edu Psychology Assistant Professor 215-619-7418
Baron, Steven sbaron@mc3.edu Psychology Associate Professor 215-641-6420
Breiner, Maria mbreine@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Brown, Tracey tbrown@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer West Campus
Burch, Mary-Breanna mburch@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Burstein, Donald dburstei@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Diorio, Joseph jdiorio@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Donohue, Ann Marie adonohue@mc3.edu Psychology Associate Professor 215-641-6424
Frederick, Tina tfrederi@mc3.edu Psychology Assistant Professor West Campus 610-718-1855
Greenspan, Deborah dgreensp@mc3.edu Psychology Associate Professor 215-619-7493
Huff, Lesley lhuff@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Lawrence, Susan slawrenc@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Linder, Edward elinder@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Sturm, Marla msturm@mc3.edu Psychology Assistant Professor 215-641-6388
Whitehill, Mary Lou mwhitehi@mc3.edu Psychology Professor 215-641-6417
Zakreski, Mary mzakresk@mc3.edu Psychology Senior Lecturer
Chiatti, Remo rchiatti@mc3.edu Sociology Senior Lecturer
Cohen, Carole ccohen@mc3.edu Sociology Senior Lecturer
Demasi, Sophia sdemasi@mc3.edu Sociology Professor 215-641-6415
Isamah, Augustine aisamah@mc3.edu Sociology Assistant Professor West Campus 610-718-1833
Keesler, Marlene mkeesler@mc3.edu Sociology Senior Lecturer
Musumunu, Garvey gmusumunu@mc3.edu Sociology Assistant Professor 215-619-7404
Saatci, Mustafa msaatci@mc3.edu Sociology Assistant Professor 215-641-6422
Wood, Lee lwood@mc3.edu Sociology Associate Professor 215-641-6423

Last Updated: 10/19/2017