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The Cabrini University bachelor’s degree in Leadership allows you to achieve the degree you need to help you change careers, earn a promotion in your current occupation, or become a more valued employee in the workplace. In addition, students focus on a particular academic area to further develop skills in high-demand fields such as:  Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Communication, Criminology, English, and Psychology.   You will build communication, technology, teamwork, and problem-solving skills and ground your learning in a commitment to building a better world.

Streamlined credit transfer up to 78 credits (previous college credits, CLEP, life credit, PA Act 120, and military service), means you can complete your degree in few as 24 months.  Students will come to class one night a week while completing 6-9 credits a semester.  You will balance online and classroom learnings, so you will have a full-time degree experience on a part-time schedule.  In the classroom and online, you have a dedicated mentor who provides just-in-time guidance to complete practical, active classroom experiences.  If your sights are set on graduate school, your program features six graduate-level courses that provide advanced standing in our master’s in Leadership or can be applied to our Masters of Accounting.  Generous merit-based scholarships available.

The Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) is designed for working professionals who want the skills and confidence to take on more leadership responsibility in their careers.  Regardless of the field or industry, this MBA alternative is designed to give you the tools to:  learn to lead and manage organizational change; gain skills to motivate a diverse workforce; develop ethical analysis skills to uphold organizational integrity, and apply evidence-based and data-driven decision making to create leadership plans.  Students must complete 33 (11 three-credit courses) credit hours that include core courses and electives.  One of the core courses is a Capstone research project focus on one of three areas:  organizational leadership, non-profit leadership, civic leadership.  The program is designed to be flexible and can be completed in two years with part-time study. Students are allowed up to six years to complete the program.

Programs Available:
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership

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