Montgomery County Community College - Virtual Campus


The College offers over 300 online courses through the Virtual Campus. View some of our course offerings.


The following degrees and certificates are completely online.

Accounting (A.A.S.)
Accounting Certificate
Business Administration (A.S.)
Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Transfer Studies: Liberal Studies (A.A.)
Gerontology (Certificate)
Office Administration (Certificate)
Entrepreneurship (Certificate of Completion)
Homeland Security (Certificate of Completion)
Virtual Assistance (Certificate of Completion)
Public Relations (Specialty Certificate)

The following online degrees and certificates are predominantly online but may include courses that require some on-campus components to complete the requirements.

Business Management (Certificate)
Computer Science (A.S.)
General Studies (A.G.S.)
Management (A.A.S.)
Marketing (A.A.S.)
Office Administration (A.A.S.)
Secondary Education (A.A.)

The following hybrid degrees are predominantly online but require some on-campus courses to complete the degree requirements. A hybrid course blends face-to-face and online instruction to meet the desired learning outcomes while reducing seated class time. The instructional ratio is 50:50 online to face-to-face instruction.

Education in the Early Years: Birth through Fourth Grade (A.A.)
Social Sciences (A.A.)

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