Montgomery County Community College - Virtual Campus

How to Search for Online Courses


A. If you are a current student:

  1. 1) Log into MyMC3

  2. 2) Under the Registration tab (middle of the page), click “Search for Courses”

  3. 3) Choose Courses (to see a description of the course) or Sections (to see the current offerings)

  4. 4) Enter your criteria in the blank (such as English 101), then click “Search”

  5. B. If you are a prospective student:

    Step 1:

    Go to Webadvisor

    Step 2:

    1. 1) Select term

    2. 2) Select subject

    3. 3) Enter Course - if known

    4. 4) Select Virtual Campus (E-Learning for location option

    5. 5) Click Submit

    How to Search

    Note: All Online Course have a section of ONLN