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Senior Director Arline Stephan
Joins Foundation Team

Montgomery County Community College’s Foundation welcomes Arline Stephan as its new Senior Director of Major and Planned Gifts. In this role, she will focus on major gift fundraising and planned gift donations.

“I am glad to be a part of this dedicated, hard-working Foundation team,” Arline said. “And, I am happy to return to higher education, especially with an institution that exhibits such strong leadership and drive toward achievement. Clearly, Montgomery County Community College offers a broad array of excellent programs and support services to ensure the success of our students and benefits the community at-large.”

Arline brings with her 22 years of development experience, most recently including eight years as the Executive Director of Capital Health Foundation — a large hospital system based in Trenton, New Jersey. Prior to this position, she was an associate vice president of Advancement Services at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

She started her development career at Rutgers University Foundation. During her 13-year tenure there, she held the positions of Manager of Donor Relations, Director of Advancement Services and Senior Director of Advancement Services and Special Programs, moving into the major and planned gift arena through special program fundraising.

Prior to development work, Arline held several administrative and managerial positions spanning the course of 18 years at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn.; the University of Texas at Austin, and Shoal Creek Hospital, Austin, and Shoal Creek Hospital, in Austin.

Significantly, Arline’s involvement with community colleges includes her own education at Austin Community College in Texas. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in San Marcos. She was born and raised in West Hartford, Conn., and now resides in Yardley, Pa.

Arline Stephan can be reached at 215-641-6534 or

Arline Stephan

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